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 GA DCF Map Rotation Poll

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PostSubject: GA DCF Map Rotation Poll   Sun Apr 20, 2008 12:42 am

There is constant disagreement on the number of rounds the GameArena DCF - Mixed FF server should have yet alone the maps available.

To keep things fair and for everyone to have their own individual say on the matter, a poll on the ://SAS Forums has been created to finally agree what the majority is wanting from the server. The players is what keeps the server/game alive, so its pivotal that the DC community get behind this and have their say.

Poll Found Here: ://SAS Forums

As displayed, all the maps in the poll are related to the theme of Desert Combat and the style of gameplay. Please select the maps and no. of rounds you would like to see on the GameArena DCF - Mixed FF map rotation.

Eventually, the results will be submitted to the Game Op(s) to enhance the gameplay. If you are unsure of the map, please do not submit that option(s), check out the single player version first to make your decision. All options are apart of the GA DC ladder challenge (map options which we get to scrim on).

This is all done to keep the server alive and healthy - Your participation is most appreciated.

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GA DCF Map Rotation Poll
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