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DC Vice Captain

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PostSubject: CLAN RULES   CLAN RULES Icon_minitimeWed Aug 01, 2007 6:58 am

[1] Members of [-=SS=-] shall be respectful and to other members, other clans and the public.

[2] Under no circumstances are any members permitted to engage in Hacking or Cheating of any sort as we will not hesitate in dismissing you from [-=SS=-].

[3] You cannot be in any other DC clans while you are a member of [-=SS=-].

[4] While in public servers you must at all times refrain from swearing or abusing other members or other players.

[5] You must play fair and follow all public server rules to the letter. Also no base raping or spawn killing.

[6] You must have Teamspeak installed. This is the main communication line for the clan while in game. Please observe the rules when on TS there must not be excessive swearing or abuse. Be cool.

[7] When we play in Ladder Matches or inter clan scrims if win or lose we act with pride no bad mouthing the other team or players.

[8] Be helpful to other clan members.

[9] You must show good sportsmanship at all times remember you are a representative of The [-=SS=-] Clan.

[10] You must be active in the forums and post your availability for ladder matches and scrims.
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